Web Developer career is probably one of the most lucrative choices you can take nowadays. Not only will give you the knowledge of how to make web apps but it will also provide you the knowledge on how the internet works in general as well, which will give you a huge advantage in the digital market which is growing rapidly each year and with no doubt will dominate the future market landscape.

Now let’s see in more detail the reasons why you should choose a web developer career.


  1. Huge Demand
  2. Shallow learning curve
  3. Anywhere and Anytime
  4. Freedom
  5. Flexibility to become an Entrepreneur or to Work for a Company
  6. Web Developer Paycheck

1. Huge Demand

Web developer career is one of the safest and most promising path you can take today. We also see that there is a huge amount of available jobs for web developers increasing each year, in fact, there is much more demand than the offer in the current tech market.

Web development is only going to get more and more important in the tech industry as we go into the future. Every tech company today needs web developers and they will need even more in the future since today more than half the planet has internet access.

So, the career of web developers is pretty safe, they will not need to worry about losing their jobs for a long, long time.

2. Shallow Learning Curve

To learn web development, you no longer have to spend all the years you would if you were taking a college degree, although, undeniably, you will always be learning and improving your skills, even years and years after college. There are many people with amazing web developer careers without even a degree in Computer engineering.

And, obviously, you would no longer need to pay the immense amount of money you would have to pay if you were taking a college degree. So, you don’t actually need to go to college in order to build a successful career in web development.

Moreover, the traditional learning system is completely outdated. There is no longer any need to have to be sitting in a classroom, having to learn with outdated information, and depending on the knowledge and character of a single teacher.

Web development can be self-taught and just by going online you have an infinite number of courses, resources, platforms, etc., thus you can learn and work from anywhere and whenever you want, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

3. Anywhere and Anytime

Since, as said in the previous paragraph, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection, web development provides you a career that gives you the freedom to do it anywhere, home, a coffee shop, someone else’s house (group development) or even when you are abroad on vacation.

It also allows you to work whenever you want, not being constraint by 09:00 to 17:00 or a boss breathing in your neck all the time.

Nevertheless, do consider that working whenever you want comes with great responsibility and ability to time manage your work. Whenever it does not mean anarchic, quite the contrary.

4. Freedom

Coding gives you the power and freedom to create your own projects, to create your own code. You will be able to create it from scratch and build it from or top to bottom. You will feel like a painter drawing a masterpiece or an architect building a colossus.

Depending on the level you achieve, you may create, change and manipulate your code, or someone else’s code to improve it or just to modify it as you please or fits your purposes. You will feel as if you were creating or rewriting the matrix!

5. Flexibility to become an Entrepreneur or to Work for a Company

Web developer career may also allow you the power to choose your path regarding employment since there is such high demand and not enough offer, and that if you continuously develop your knowledge into master expertise, you will have the freedom to opt for your preferred style of working/employment.

If you don’t like to punch the clock, like to work alone and to get out of bed and go straight to the chair in front of your pc, you may bet on being your own boss. But if you value more something like working surrounded by colleagues, a workplace to interact, or company perks, you may opt for that.

You will have work in both, for sure, these options just have different perks and different demands, each one suiting best to each type of will.

6. Web Developer Paycheck

Web development can lead you to a higher income than average, whether as an entrepreneur or working for a company. Since there is a huge demand for web developers, nowadays this activity is pretty well paid.

Companies are paying some serious amount of money to web developers, and depending on your knowledge and skills you may be in for a six-figure salary.

If instead, you choose to be an entrepreneur, maybe you won’t have the financial security of a steady income, as you would if you were working for a company, but, on the other hand, the sky is your limit.

You may be able to produce breakthrough code that will lead to the next Google, Facebook or Twitter, or even if you do not reach that, depending on your skillset, marketing ability and contact network you may still reach a status that will set you apart and make you a highly demanded reference.

Wrapping Up

We’ve explained some amazing benefits of choosing a web development career. So, if good odds are what you are after, web development is your choice 🙂

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