· March 15, 2021

In this course, we will learn about different integration methods available to connect applications running on Force platform with external systems such as Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect and WebService Callouts.

In this course we will learn about Data Replication and Data proxy. This course is divided into three main sections in which we cover Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect and WebService callouts in detail.

We will start with creating an account on Heroku and then we will deploy an external PhoneChange application and we will integrate with Salesforce application using Heroku Connect. We will also provision Postgres database for our app.  We will see how to provision the app for local development.

In the second section, we will explore Salesforce Connect. We will start with installing warehouse application on force platform and then we will integration with external system using Salesforce Connect. In Salesforce connect, we map  external objects to the tables in the external system. We will cover external objects, different types of relationship that you create with external and standard objects. 

In the third section, we will talk about web service callouts. We will create Rest Webservice to call the external system and update the records on the salesforce object.

All these topics are not covered in any other Salesforce course out there. This course is complete hands on  and you will working along with me throughout this course.

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Course Includes

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