Learn Flask, the micro framework of Python that is used to build web applications.

· February 14, 2021

Did you ever want to find out how powerful is Python when it comes to web development ? Then this course is for you.

The demand for Python developers is growing by day and this course has been developed to make sure you are being equipped with the right skills

This course has been rightly designed to help you get comfortable with building web applications using the Flask framework of Python.

Flask is a micro framework of Python that is used to build web applications. By the word micro framework, we are not limiting the abilities of Flask. Flask is equally good for larger applications as it is for smaller ones. 

This course will teach you Flask right from the basics, covering more advanced topics where you will finally build a blogging application using Flask.

You’ll learn how to – 

  • Build a dynamic web server using Flask
  • Add templates to your Flask application
  • Use the Jinja2 templating engine of Flask
  • Basic Create, Read, Update, Delete queries of MySQL
  • Connect your Flask application with a MySQL database using flask-mysqldb
  • Add basic styles to your application using flask-bootstrap
  • Integrate your the blogging application written using Flask with a text editor called CKEditor using flask-ckeditor
  • Understand what are GET and POST requests
  • Handle a user session
  • Hash sensitive information submitted by the user

Python has been one of the most easiest language to program. This course assumes that you are comfortable with the basics of Python such as variables, data types, functions and so on. It is also expected that you know the basics of HTML and CSS.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are familiar with Python and looking to enhance their skills
  • Students who are looking for a very practical implementation to learn the Flask framework
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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons
  • 3 Test Quizzes
  • Course Certificate