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Our Latest Premium/PRO Features

Points, Credits and Coins (Premium Feature)

Get points, credits and Onclick coins and use them to purchase new courses, packages and developer software available on our developer's marketplace.

Premium Coding Courses (Premium Feature)

Access our Premium course content like the Accelerated Bootcamps, Development Projects, Certified Career Paths and other advanced coding courses.

Professional Developer Portfolio (PRO Feature)

Get the Professional Developer Portoflio with special showcase section for your projects and share it on Linkedin, Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, and other.

Certified Career Paths (Premium Feature)

Learn from the best teachers and the best and most up to date Career Course covering all coding subjects. Take predefined learning paths and unlock special career badges and new rank member levels!

Developer Job Board (PRO Feature)

Search for a job through our posts job listings or post your own jobs and look for top candidates. Candidates can apply for jobs, and post their own resumes to the employers in the community.

Developer Job Network (PRO Feature)

Reach out to other developers and connections through our exclusive Developer Job Network and get group jobs through our new messaging and notifications system.

Platform User Level Rank (Premium Feature)

Reach higher user level ranks and unlock new features get more points and exchange them for platform coins or credits to puchase new cool products on our marketplace.

Prize Awards (Premium Feature)

Win and unlock cool prizes by ranking on the user leaderboard with score points. Win a Playstation 5, Mac Laptop, Iphone, or even a complete gaming computer set.