Web Development is probably one of the most lucrative career choices you can take nowadays. Not only will give you the knowledge of how to make web apps but it will also provide you the knowledge on how the internet works in general as well, which will give you a huge advantage in the digital market which is growing rapidly each year and with no doubt will dominate the future market landscape.

Indeed, Web Development is a great choice as a profession. Mondo’s yearly Tech and Digital Marketing Salary guide found “Web Developer” was the most sought-after work title in tech and one of its top-paying positions. Furthermore, as indicated by the U.S. Department of Labor, the work market for Web Developers is relied upon to grow 15% by 2026.

Now let’s see in more detail the reasons why you should choose a web developer career.

Table of Content:

  1. Why Choose Web Development as a Professional Career
  2. Web Developers are always happy
  3. Is this the perfect time to become a Web Developer?
  4. Is Web Development in demand?
  5. How has Covid-19 impacted the business
  6. So, is it really a good time to become a Web Developer?
  7. The benefits of being a Web Developer
  8. Conclusion

1. Why choose Web Development as a Professional Career

North America is right now confronting a lack of gifted tech ability and hardly any positions are in more sultry interest than Web Developers. There is likewise no sign interest will wind down. The extension of online business and a consistently expanding dependence on portable pursuit will just make the further requirement for gifted Developers.

As indicated by Stack Overflow, 83% of expert Web Developers in the United States are utilized full-time, with another 10% chipping away at an independent premise or low maintenance. A similar overview observed that 73% of respondents detailed positive work fulfillment, and the U.S. News and World Report positioned Software and Web Developers as one of the eight best by and large tech occupations in its 2018 report. A sound compensation doesn’t hurt on that front. Web Developers make anyplace between $78,000 (Indeed) and $88,000 (Glassdoor) a year, with a simple pathway to more senior positions.

Web Development

Moreover, Developers have the decision of working generally freely, in a group of Developers or working cross-practically among plan and item groups. There’s additionally adaptability on the balance between serious and fun activities, as Developers can basically work any place that has a web connection.

Being a Web Developer isn’t without its difficulties, notwithstanding, as the field includes ceaseless learning, critical thinking, and decisive reasoning. Innovation changes rapidly, which implies Developers need to keep steady over the new tech languages, devices, and patterns.

As indicated by the Stack Overflow Survey, the best three assets Developers use to learn new methods or share thoughts are forums, blogs, and online courses. With regards to learning openings and preparing, Developers refer to online courses as the most regular resource for further developing their abilities.

2. Web Developers are always happy

Besides the horde reasonable advantages to having a sought-after range of abilities, there are a lot more non-financial advantages to life as a Web Developer.

For some Web Developers, particularly individuals who are independent of various customers, balancing between serious and fun activities is an engaging piece of the gig.

“I can’t get tired of mentioning that it’s really great to do business as your own boss, or even to work from a distance,” Wise said.

“As increasingly more tech organizations move towards employing subcontractors or going remote, it gets simpler for additional engineers to hop on this train. Set your own timetable, have less pressure, travel more, work anyplace with WiFi, telecommute in your night robe, invest more energy with your family – it is extraordinary, and the best choice I have made.”

Further, Wise notes, the bountiful chance in the field permits her to be specific, taking on projects that move her while alluding to other work she has a less enthusiastic outlook on to partners who may be a superior fit.

Technology changes quickly, which means Developers have to stay on top of the new languages, tools, and trends. Unsurprisingly, Stack’s survey found a direct correlation between technical competency and salary.

That helps to explain the increasing popularity of certification and training programs among seasoned developers and those hoping to break into the industry. OnClick PRO, for example, offers full-time programs and part-time FREE courses in Web Development, that will take from a complete beginner to expert and ready for the current job market. These courses were designed to be collaborative, replicating the kind of working and learning experience Developers would experience in the field.

“If you’re a good web developer, you will have the opportunity to learn with a lot of other people in the community, just by virtue of doing the work on a daily basis,” Carlson said.

“The opportunity for personal growth in that field is second-to-none.”

web development

3. Is this the perfect time to become a Web Developer?

Before you bounce into another vocation, it’s essential to consider the way forward. Would your new industry be able to offer you adequate freedoms and soundness? How probably would you say you are to get employed after you’ve moved on from your picked program or Bootcamp?

Directly following the beyond two years these inquiries are a higher priority than at any other time. The Covid-19 pandemic significantly affects the economy and hands-on market. At first in 2020 this caused employing to dial back, as worldwide lockdowns produced results. Anyway, the immunization rollout and financial bob back prompted an expansion in 2021, with employing just easing back towards the finish of the year, as per a report by Glassdoor. In any case, the report additionally brings up that 69% of the work deficit comes from the relaxation and cordiality, schooling, and medical care enterprises, which are especially Covid-touchy.

This is one more sign that laborers are floating towards businesses and jobs which are more “Resistant to coronavirus”, like tech. Considering that, we should investigate the condition of the web development industry in 2022.

4. Is Web Development in Demand?

You all have seen that regardless’ happening in our general surroundings, innovation is ubiquitous in our lives. Regardless of whether it’s looking through our cherished web-based media applications, actually taking a look at the news, paying for something on the web, or interfacing with partners utilizing joint effort programming and devices, a large portion of what we do depends on some type of innovation. Behind this innovation is a group of web developers who have assembled it and will continually keep up with it to guarantee it works faultlessly.

The individuals who can construct and keep up with sites, applications, and programming play a pivotal part to play in the present innovation-driven world and this is reflected in the web development work market. As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the work of web developers is projected to become 8% from 2019 to 2029, a lot quicker than normal for all occupations.

Be that as it may, does this actually remain after the flighty exciting bends in the road of the beyond two years? In a word, yes: web developers appear to have endured the hardship somewhat well. The full-stack developer came in second on for sure’s rundown of the best positions last year, and we can see this proceeding through 2022 and then some. Simply scan the web for the most popular tech abilities in 2022 and you’ll observe things like web development, computer programming, distributed computing, DevOps, and critical thinking.

Full-stack development specifically will keep on being profoundly appealing to bosses. Composing for TechCrunch, Sergio Granada takes note of how full-stack developers have been fundamental to business during the Covid-19 emergency:

“In light of the Covid pandemic, the capacity to do full-stack development can make designs incredibly attractive as organizations across all enterprises move their business to a virtual world. The people who can rapidly create and convey programming projects on account of full-stack strategies have the absolute best to be at the highest point of an organization’s or alternately customer’s list of things to get.”

On the off chance that you’re quick to evaluate the interest for web developers, look for “web developer” or “full-stack developer” jobs in your space on destinations like without a doubt, glassdoor, and LinkedIn. We did a speedy quest for web development jobs in the United States and, at the hour of composing, found more than 60,000 opportunities.

web development

As may be obvious, web developers keep on being popular—notwithstanding, and maybe much more so as a result of, the continuous Covid pandemic. Discussing which, how has Covid-19 impacted the web advancement industry? We should investigate.

Web developer career is one of the safest and most promising paths you can take today. We also see that there is a huge amount of available jobs for web developers increasing each year, in fact, there is much more demand than the offer in the current tech market.

Web development is only going to get more and more important in the tech industry as we go into the future. Every tech company today needs web developers and they will need even more in the future since today more than half the planet has internet access.

So, the career of web developers is pretty safe, they will not need to worry about losing their jobs for a long, long time.

5. How has Covid-19 impacted the business?

While numerous enterprises have battled (and keep on doing as such) because of the Covid pandemic, the tech business has fared moderately well. Numerous associations are depending on computerized apparatuses to empower them to work from a distance, putting considerably more significance on innovation and individuals who fabricate it. Thusly, many are expecting an industry blast: as per Market Data Forecast, the tech business will develop from $131 billion USD in 2020 to $295 billion out of 2025.

Obviously, new and hopeful web developers can expect a few changes because of Covid-19. Above all else, it’s essential to think about the ascent of remote work. With regards to searching for your first occupation inside the field, you ought to be ready to work from a distance at minimum a portion of the time, if not on a full-time premise. Luckily, web development is a vocation that fits remote work. You can look into what it resembles to function as a distant developer in our aide.

We’re additionally guessing that web developer occupations will increment in specific areas as an immediate consequence of the items and administrations that are most popular at the present time. For instance, areas like medical services, media, and diversion, web-based banking, far-off schooling, and online business will keep on developing to reflect purchaser needs and practices in an all the more socially-far off-world.

Taking all things together, the effect of Covid-19 on the tech business, and on web engineers, has been negligible contrasted with different areas. Albeit the circumstance is as yet unfurling, new and hopeful developers can feel certain that they’re leaving on a future-verification vocation.

6. So… is it a good time to become a Web Developer?

Checking out the gig market and projected work development, we think the response is clear. This moment is an incredible opportunity to turn into a web developer! Presently like never before, innovation is vital to how we work, associate with friends and family, access medical care, shop… and the rundown continues. Assuming that you’re pondering joining this interesting industry and building the innovation of things to come, we say take the plunge.

On the whole, how about we return to nuts and bolts. What precisely is web development, and what does a web engineer really do? Continue to peruse to discover.

The world requirements software engineers and that request is developing: web development occupations are relied upon to increment 13% by 2028, dominating normal work development.

Independent ventures and worldwide organizations the same will place assets into online apparatuses that are easy to understand and compelling. This is particularly evident in the retail area, where an ever-increasing number of brands are zeroing in on online business: the snap of a mouse is far less expensive than a completely staffed store.

Also, web development isn’t going anyplace. A gifted software engineer who can picture an ideal arrangement and rejuvenate it can’t be supplanted by machines; a designer’s powers of the forecast, critical thinking, and inventiveness would never be mechanized. Indeed, even in a changing position market, you’ll have the security of a future-evidence vocation way. Furthermore, on the off chance that you know various programming languages, you’ll have considerably more choices.

There will forever be freedoms to keep getting the hang of, learning, and further developing your abilities. Set your sights high and prepare for a long-lasting profession in code.

7. The Benefits of being a Web Developer

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to pursuing a web developer career. Let’s take a peak at the most important and attractive ones…

Shallow Learning Curve

To learn web development you no longer have to spend all the years you would if you were taking a college degree, although, undeniably, you will always be learning and improving your skills, even years and years after college. There are many people with amazing web developer careers without even a degree in Computer engineering.

And, obviously, you would no longer need to pay the immense amount of money you would have to pay if you were taking a college degree. So, you don’t actually need to go to college in order to build a successful career in web development.

Moreover, the traditional learning system is completely outdated. There is no longer any need to have to be sitting in a classroom, having to learn with outdated information, and depending on the knowledge and character of a single teacher.

Web development can be self-taught and just by going online you have an infinite number of courses, resources, platforms, etc., thus you can learn and work from anywhere and whenever you want, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection.

Anywhere and Anytime

Since, as said in the previous paragraph, all you need is a laptop with an internet connection, web development provides you a career that gives you the freedom to do it anywhere, home, a coffee shop, someone else’s house (group development) or even when you are abroad on vacation.

It also allows you to work whenever you want, not being constraint by 09:00 to 17:00 or a boss breathing in your neck all the time.

Nevertheless, do consider that working whenever you want comes with great responsibility and the ability to time manage your work. Whenever it does not mean anarchic, quite the contrary.


Coding gives you the power and freedom to create your own projects, to create your own code. You will be able to create it from scratch and build it from or top to bottom. You will feel like a painter drawing a masterpiece or an architect building a colossus.

Depending on the level you achieve, you may create, change and manipulate your code, or someone else’s code to improve it or just to modify it as you please or fit your purposes. You will feel as if you were creating or rewriting the matrix!

Flexibility to become an Entrepreneur or to Work for a Company

Web developer career may also allow you the power to choose your path regarding employment since there is such high demand and not enough offer, and that if you continuously develop your knowledge into master expertise, you will have the freedom to opt for your preferred style of working/employment.

If you don’t like to punch the clock, like to work alone and to get out of bed and go straight to the chair in front of your pc, you may bet on being your own boss. But if you value more something like working surrounded by colleagues, a workplace to interact with, or company perks, you may opt for that.

You will have work in both, for sure, these options just have different perks and different demands, each one suiting best to each type of will.

Web Developer Paycheck

Web development can lead you to a higher income than average, whether as an entrepreneur or working for a company. Since there is a huge demand for web developers, nowadays this activity is pretty well paid.

Companies are paying some serious amount of money to web developers, and depending on your knowledge and skills you may be in for a six-figure salary.

If instead, you choose to be an entrepreneur, maybe you won’t have the financial security of a steady income, as you would if you were working for a company, but, on the other hand, the sky is your limit.

You may be able to produce breakthrough code that will lead to the next Google, Facebook, or Twitter, or even if you do not reach that, depending on your skillset, marketing ability, and contact network you may still reach a status that will set you apart and make you a highly demanded reference.

8. Conclusion

Web Development is here to stay for many years as one of the top tech careers and most well-paid jobs in the industry.

We’ve explained some of the amazing benefits of being a web developer. So, if good odds are what you are after, web development is your best choice for a successful future career.

Start now your Web Developer career for FREE with our OnClick PRO Lifetime Free Plan.

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