Welcome, everyone! We’re so happy you found us. Since you’ve come this far, we’d love to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Our story starts in 2011 with our founder and Udemy top seller Victor Bastos in a small office in Lisbon, Portugal. Born from a desire to earn a living doing what he loved, with the flexibility to do it from anywhere, Victor Bastos set out to create an online community of aspiring developers.

Nearly 9 years later, OnClick Academy is now profitable and still totally bootstrapped. This allows us to stay super experimental and totally focused on the best interests of our authors and customers around the world.

OnClick Academy (now OnClick PRO) is a platform where anyone can learn programming for free and track their career learning progress as a developer through achievements and coding challenges. You can also socialize with other developers, create group projects or look for a job in the current tech market. We are also currently working on a new marketplace where users will be able to buy and sell their digital assets.

We pride ourselves on being super remote-friendly, with a student population just as diverse as the global community that uses our products. To keep this sustainable as we scale, we support students to work from anywhere, whether that’s the beach in Thailand, or their living room.

Our community is the most important thing to us and in this constant evolution and innovation in the tech world, our mission is to help our students to be ready for the current job market as professional developers.