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Connect with Other Developers

Create your own network of friends, students, developers, freelancers and other types of profiles. Make strong connections to help you improve your skills and knowledge inside the community.


Courses, Badges and Certificates

Access top online courses, quizzes, exercises, assignments and get your completion special certificates for each course. Unlock special badges, win prizes, improve grades and share a common coin with credits to buy exclusive materials.

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HQ Coding Courses

Learn from the best teachers and the best and most up to date online courses covering all coding subjects. Take predefined learning paths and unlock special career badges and new rank member levels!


Advanced Test Quizzing

Get points through the quizzes inside the courses and unlock quizz top expert badges and new rank member levels. Be included on the student member leaderboards on our community and win special prizes.


Official Completion Certificates

Unlock the certificate for each course completion or learning career path completion on our platform. Each certificate will be automatically included on your membership profile to help you get jobs through our job boards.

member dashboard

Member Dashboard

Control all the activity and your current student learning paths through the member personal dashboard. Check your followers or who are you following in the community and let them know your most recent achievements.

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Forums, Social Groups and Job Boards

Join discussion forums, social groups and classroom groups to help you with the learning process and help other students. You can also join exclusive Job Boards in order to help you find your next dream job as a developer or as a freelancer.


Job Posts Search

Search for a job through our posts job listings or post your own jobs and look for top candidates. Candidates can apply for jobs, and post their own resumes to the employers in the community.


Students Live Activity Feed

Share your posts, achievements or images on the activity feed and let others see what you're doing next. Like comments, reply to commments and check other users general activity in the community.


Public Developer Profile and Curriculum

Create and share your public developer profile or make it private to specific visitors or groups of people. Share your curriculum through your profile so others can see it and possibly offer you a job post..

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Share All File Types

Send any type of file to your friends through private messaging or create a post with it on the activity feed. The platform supports any type of file like pdf, coding files, zip, rar, xls, txt, doc, mp4, avi and many more!

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Zoom Live Sessions

Create and join a live sessions with friends, co-workers, other developers or with a teacher on a classroom. Improve your friendship with other community members with the latest Zoom app version inside our platform.

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Private Messaging

Reach out to your friends and connections through our secure private messaging and notifications system. Send files, text messages and code snippets to your friends and connections on the platform.

Group Messaging

Group Messaging

The Group Messaging feature lets you broadcast announcements to all the members of a social group in one go! Start a group thread or have a 1-on-1 with your social group members. Collaborate on ideas, activities, tasks, lessons, meetings efficiently.


Member Invites

Send invitations to non-members and let them know how they can also join our amazing platform today! Get extra coins and unlock special badges by inviting new users to the platform through our special invitation feature.


Community Search

Use this feature to search the entire network, along with custom post types of your choice, all in one unified search bar. Look for posts, forums, groups, friends, teachers, students or any other type of content inside our community.

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Mobile Friendly

All our features and pages are optimized for mobile devices in order to improve your experience with us. We'll soon launch a new complete native OnClick Academy App with all the current and even new features to all our students.


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