What is Onclick Academy?

Onclick Academy is an online school that provides the best selection of online courses covering Web Development, Mobile Development, Game Development, Hacking and Online Business.

We filter all the courses on the web and provide only the best and top rated courses to our students. We have an amazing team of developers and market experts that work exclusively on getting the best courses and authors on our online school.

Our goal is to provide the best courses on the web and help you get your career on track, create your first app, find a job on a tech company or even build your first online business. Our community is the most important thing to us and we'll make sure we help every single student who join our school anywhere in the world.

Who's the team behind Onclick Academy?

Onclick Academy was created by Victor Bastos, an online intructor and web developer. Victor and his amazing team of developers are behind everything you see at Onclick Academy.

Free Courses, Single Courses, Projects and Full Stack Career Courses...

There are 4 different types of courses that you will find on our platform. "Free Courses", "Single Courses", "Projects" and the "Full Stack Career Courses":

The "Free Courses" will give you a short introduction to the subject and are totally free.

The "Single Courses" are the most common ones, they cover single subjects like JavaScript, Bootstrap or Linux, these are the courses that will often be included in discount promotions.

The "Projects" are the courses that will teach you how to create a complete app from scratch and it can go from "How to Build a Simple Mobile App" to "Creating a Social Network like Facebook from Scratch". You will need previous knowledge of the programming languages used in each project.

Finally we have the "Full Stack Career Courses", the most complete courses that you will find at Onclick Academy. These courses are ment for students who want to follow a career seriously. These courses cover everything you need to know from scratch until you are ready to get a real job on the IT current market, this includes finishing and completing the course lectures, challenges and projects. You will get a certificate after completing any of our "Full Stack Career Courses" and also exclusive guidence on finding your first job.

Who are the course instructors?

All instructors are experienced developers with at least 6 years of experience on the market. Before purchasing it, each course has a section where you can check the instructor's bio and resume or accomplishments on the tech market.

How much does it cost to join Onclick Academy and your courses?

Signing up to Onclick Academy is free. After that you can purchase any of the courses or projects available on the site or take any of our free courses. Prices may vary between $10 and $199 for each course/project depending on the amount of lectures it has or the type of course it is. "Full Stack Career Courses" will always have fixed prices and will not be part of any discount promos. All courses/projects are one time payment only.

Are there promos and special discount offers available?

Yes. From time to time there will be a group of selected courses and projects with a special discount offer each different week. All the offers will be sent through email directly to all our students.

More to come...

We are currently working on several other cool features to be included on our site soon, as well as new courses and real-life projects. Soon we will also be available in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.